Installing Alpha Series Signs Back-to-Back or 3-Sided
Part number: 9701-8007B
Revision date: 7/26/2001
Title: Alpha� Series: Two- and Three-sided Sign Installation Instructions

This 19-page manual describes how to mount signs hanging in two-sided (back-to-back) and three-sided (triangular) formation.

These instructions are for:

  Alpha� 4000 series (NEMA2 and non-NEMA2)
  Alpha� 7000 series (NEMA2 and non-NEMA2)
  AlphaPremiere� 9000 series

NOTE: The 4080, 7080, and 9080 models cannot be mounted in two-sided (back-to-back) configurations, because there is not enough width for the power supply on the back of each sign to fit side-by-side. The power supply on the back left side of each sign extends past the middle of the sign.


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