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Introducing the AlphaVision PC from Adaptive Micro Systems, the world leader in LED display solutions.


The Advantages of the AVPC ANDON solution:
Full Matrix High Resolution LED Display
- Flexible configuration to accommodate your ever changing needs
- .3" (7.5mm) resolution for graphic and text applications
Open architecture (Embedded Windows® 2000 or Windows CE)
- Run your VB or HMI screens right on the AVPC
- Simple integration
- Utilize your existing shop floor operator interface systems
- Run the AVPC as a Web browser
- Run standard Windows applications such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc
Compatible with SCC Multi-Use Protocol version 2.0
- Drop an AVPC into your existing ANDON environment and it will operate like your existing boards…but provide flexibility for the future.
- Hardware cost is competitive with older line matrix and .57" pitch ANDON solutions
- Long term cost is significantly reduced due to flexibility of the full matrix display and the open architecture
- Greatly reduce integration costs by utilizing your existing tools
- No custom protocols, so no complex development is required (however, the AVPC does support the industry standards)

The time has come to take control of your ANDON solutions. The AVPC is the right choice for now and the future.

Special Applications Guide