Alpha Counter


When seconds matter, the Alpha Counter turns any Alpha display into a count down or count up clock. User selected templates make it convenient to choose a pre-configured clock. It has a many useful counter features including a message editor for displayed time and end of counter message. Select start or end date and duration of count.

Counter Clock Features

  • Start at a specified number
  • Count up by second or interval
  • Optional decimal values

Alpha Serial Clock Brochure

Display Features


Messaging programs invoke the following display features:

  • Colors
  • Character Heights
  • Character Fonts
  • Character Widths
  • Fixed or Proportional Spacing
  • Display Modes
  • Display Speeds
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • International Characters
  • Special Symbols
  • Day, Date and Time
  • Temperature

Advanced Features


The Alpha Counter is designed to allow your display to act as a counter clock.
For example, a sign or big screen LCD/LED tv could show a counter just like this:

Alpha Serial Clock Brochure

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