Alpha Net


Computer software makes the process of programming messages for the Alpha, AlphaVision, Alpha Premiere, AlphaEclipse, Alpha Director, Alpha Solar, and BetaBrite displays fast and easy, while giving users full access to the many features built into these displays. Innovative Industry Application Programs integrate the display of messages and the display of real-time business, production, and financial information. Software tools and custom programs round out the programming options that are available.

AlphaNetAlphaNet has evolved from a full-featured DOS message editor into a comprehensive suite of Windows programs and diagnostics routines that can invoke many features designed into the Alpha, AlphaVision, AlphaEclipse, Alpha Premiere, Alpha Director, and BetaBrite displays. AlphaNet software will also program older Alpha models - the Alpha 210, Alpha 221, Alpha 430, Alpha 440, Alpha 460, Alpha 480, Alpha 710, Alpha 715, Alpha 790i, and Alpha Solar series. The newest version, AlphaNet 3 for Windows, has features to program the new Alpha Eclipse 3600 PureColor RGB full-color models. The best features of AlphaNet are:

  • It saves messages as files on disk. These messages can then be retrieved and modified and resent to the sign(s). Today's messages become tomorrow's message templates.
  • It has a message Scheduling feature. Messages can be scheduled to run at specific times on specific days.
  • Its Counters feature will increment or decrement up to five counters at once by day, hour, or minute in any interval, eg. increment by 2 every second starting with a specific value. This is handy for Safety Counters, such as Days Since a Lost Time Accident.
  • It has a message simulator that shows how messages will appear on any Alpha or BetaBrite sign model.

Display Features


Messaging programs invoke the following display features:

  • Colors
  • Character Heights
  • Character Fonts
  • Character Widths
  • Fixed or Proportional Spacing
  • Display Modes
  • Display Speeds
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • International Characters
  • Special Symbols
  • Day, Date and Time
  • Temperature

Advanced Features


Advanced features are included, such as:

  • Individual Display Addressing
  • Message Sequencing
  • Message Scheduling
  • Up and Down Counters by Minute, Hour and Day
  • Counter Target Messages
  • Priority Messaging
  • Audible Alerts
  • Concurrent Computer and Remote Keyboard Messaging
  • Diagnostic Features

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Software Technical Support


All of these programs and software tools are supported by the knowledgeable and experienced programmers, instructors, technicians and application support personnel at Alpha-American Programmable Signs.

Assistance is available by telephone, on site in your location, by e-mail, or online at this informative web site.